Are you looking to build a canopy tour or zip line tour? We can help.

Zip lines and canopy tours are fast becoming part of the mainstream lexicon. Emerging from their roots as a tool to scientifically study the rain forests of South and Central America, canopy tours have become one of the most popular eco-tourist attractions today. From educational outings that explore previously inaccessible parts of the forest canopy to pure amusement, canopy tours and zip line toursare springing up around the globe.

From canopy tourdesign and ziplineinstallation to program development and canopy tour and zip lineguide training, S.T.E.P.S., Inc.- Canopy Tour Builder and Zip Line Builder - provides a full range of services aimed at helping entrepreneurs and organizations build and run successful canopy tourand zip line operations. Pooling from our diverse areas of expertise, we are able to provide any or all of the necessary services from a one-time design and installation to longer-term business partnerships and ongoing canopy and ziptour management support.

We invite you to look around the site and learn more about our zip line canopy tour buildercompany and the canopy tour and zip-line tourindustry. If you have any questions, or to get started, please contact us at (734) 288-7289 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. EST to arrange a free one-hour consultation.