This canopy tour and zip line tour directory is provided as a resource to adventure seekers and parties interested in the growth of the canopy tour / zip line tour industry in the United States and abroad. This list includes only a small fraction of the number of tours in operation globally. If you are a tour operator or builder and wish to have a link added to the list, please click here.

When selecting a tour to visit, it is important to understand that not all tours are created to the same standards. S.T.E.P.S. makes no claims to the quality of the tours or safety record of the tour operators listed in this directory. When in doubt, it is best to select tours that are well known. For those traveling by cruise ship, we recommend using tours approved by the cruise line.

For a more detailed directory of zip lines and canopy tours, visit the Zipline Nirvana Zip Line Directory and Canopy Tour Directory.


Canopy Tours / Zip Line Tours in the United States

Canopy Tours / Zip Line Tours in Canada

Canopy Tours / Zip Line Tours Abroad