Alaska Canopy Adventures - Ketchikan, Alaska

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Project Overview

    • 2005 - S.T.E.P.S., Inc. installed a traditional canopy tour including eight zip lines and three sky bridges, provided equipment outfitting, documentation, and training; the first true arboreal canopy tour in Alaska
    • 2008 - A second course was installed by Bonsai Design and S.T.E.P.S., Inc. which included seven zip lines, one 280' sky bridge, one 80' swing, and a slide; S.T.E.P.S. provided equipment outfitting, documentation, and guide training.

Tour Information

Ketchikan, Alaska

Alaska Canopy Adventures first opened its doors in Ketchikan for the summer of 2005. Located in Herring Cove, the canopy tour provides tourists and locals the opportunity to experience temperate rain forest from eighty to one hundred thirty five feet in the air. With breathe-taking views and abundant wildlife, the tour has created quite a stir in Southeastern Alaska.

Eagle Creek Course - Zip Line Canopy Tour, Ketchikan, Alaska

A kilometer in length with eight zip traverses and three sky bridges, the course keeps participants air bound throughout. The final zip lands on a 50-foot tower where participants can choose to descend by stair or rappel. At time of completion it is thought that the course offers the highest arboreal canopy traverse in the United States, keeping participants 80 to 135 feet in the air for more than one kilometer.

Primarily serving the cruise lines, the tour is a once in a life event, with opportunities to experience Alaska wildlife first hand. Common sightings include black bears, salmon, and American Bald Eagles.

Bear Creek Course - Zip Line Canopy Tour, Ketchikan, Alaska

Opened in May of 2008, the Bear Creek Course offers additional thrills to clients seeking a true Alaskan Adventure. Soar through the wild Alaska, past large Sitka Spruce and Ponderosa Pines, cross babbling brooks and cascading waterfalls and enjoy the scenery. Just as on the Eagle Creek course, wildlife is adundant in the area. The course consists of seven zip lines, a 280-foot Sky Bridge, an 80-foot Swing, and a Slide you won't soon forget.

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Contact Information:

4085 Tongass Ave St. 201, Ketchikan, AK 99901
(907) 225-5503 office

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