Moaning Caverns Zip Line in Vallecito, California

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Project Overview

  • 2007 - In conjunction with the operator, installed a traditional dual racing zip lines , provided equipment outfitting, and training

Tour Information

Moaning Cavern now offers an above ground, no experience necessary, high adrenaline rush. Race a friend or family member on our incredible 1500-foot twin zip line, at speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour, for the thrill of your life! Check out our new zip line videos.

Once limited to challenge courses and Costa Rican Canopy Tours, zip lines are becoming increasingly popular for pure entertainment due to the fact that everyday adventure seekers can experience no sweat, high adrenaline, extreme thrills without any prior experience. Anybody who is in good health, and fits within the weight requirements, can experience the fast paced, high intensity adventure of zip line traversing. All you need is the courage to step off the platform.

Visitors approach the massive launch tower by crossing a 60-foot long sky bridge before being strapped into a full-body climbing harness and then rigged to the cable. Bring a “ready for anything” friend because the double cables mean zippers can race the zip line in pairs. One small step off the platform and you are zooming across the beautiful Gold Country foothills at speeds in excess of 40 miles an hour, in a 1/4 mile race to the landing tower.

The zip line launch tower is located conveniently just a couple of minutes walk from Moaning Cavern's visitor center. The cable follows a length of the above ground nature trail taking in some beautiful Gold Country scenery above the treetops.

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Contact Information:

5350 Moaning Cave Road, Vallecito, CA 95251
(866) 762-2837 office

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