New Canopy Tour in the Redwoods of California

redwoodsS.T.E.P.S., Inc. and Bonsai Design are proud to announce the completion of a canopy tour in the Redwoods. Located six miles from downtown Santa Cruz, California at Mount Hermon Conference Center, the new course provides an opportunity to explore the most majestic of trees, the Redwoods.

Canopy Tour Overview

The Canopy Tour, opening in summer 2008 to Mount Hermon guests, consists of six interconnected Zip Lines and two Sky Bridges attached to a series of mature, Coastal Redwoods. The course presents a linear sequence of traverses that allow guests to travel above a scenic stretch of canyon densely forested with Coastal Redwoods, Bay Laurel, Tan and Live Oaks, some Douglas Firs, and Madrone Trees. A short, inclined bridge leading to the first tree platform provides entry to the course, and the traverses proceed gradually downward from tree to tree and end back on the canyon wall near the Canyon Challenge Course, a new family-style static challenge course designed by Bonsai Design and also scheduled to open during Summer 2008.

The canopy tour affords many wonderful views of the Redwoods and Bean Creek, which cuts through the canyon 80 to 150 feet below the course. Although logged as recently as the late nineteenth century, the Redwoods and others trees have flourished in the area and provide a dense layered canopy. Led by S.T.E.P.S.-trained canopy tour guides and naturalists, guests are provided insight into the ecology and natural history of the environment as well as educated on the proper technique for zip lining. Regardless of whether you are seeking adventure, an opportunity to glide peacefully through the canopy of some of the tallest trees in the World, we are certain you will not be disappointed.

Canyon Course Overview

The new Canyon Course is actually a dramatic renovation of an existing course. Using less invasive methods, the new course provides families and small groups attending Mount Hermon an opportunity to challenge their fear of heights, recreate, and expereince the Redwoods of Bean Creek. Access to the course is by bridge from the Canyon wall. Guests have the opportunity to traverse luxurious Sky Bridges, undertake a variety of physical traverse ranging from wobbly bridges to ropes swings, relax on our giant hammock and comfortable platforms, or zip across the canyon. Ranging in height from 30 feet to 90 feet above Bean Creek, the course is designed for guests of all ability levels. Activities can be completed alone or with a partner.

View photos and video of the Canopy Tour and Canyon Course

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